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last evening in May

the last evening in May and the dogs are still, stretched beside the window as still as the trees whose wind momentarily has no urge to prove itself the light nearly gone, still there is a lone hummingbird in the plum and two house finches … Continue reading last evening in May


writing home

the small-birds have finally found the window feeder and the dogs are enthralled with their sudden proximity we are well, though feeling the spring in our bones – that gentle eruption debuts a new brand of restlessness the boards of the porch have been too … Continue reading writing home


I can't forget that day the hummingbird darted through the snow - you slept through it - content with the dogs in a patch of morning sunlight, which found and stroked the red-gold stubble on your cheeks the way I wished that I might without … Continue reading 2.16.2015


snippets from the past few days the snowdrops have been stepped on by some unwary foot - they are closer now to mud than to sky - but the crocus persists and the daffodils are showing their greening tips I had to side-step several puddles … Continue reading 2.12.2015


Freyja-dog, who finds treasure in green felt clown hats discarded on damp sidewalks and joy in the orphaning of bright socks and mittens, gladly bears the burden of my happiness. On good days, she skips after the crows when they tease her and spins whirling … Continue reading 1.4.2015