the winter weather report

these long weeks while
the locust tree sleeps
unheeding of the rain
that drips from stems
and limbs, the seeking
beaks of the crows pull
seeds from their dangling
brown pods – a meager feed
worthy of the gray,
hungering days and watery dusks
outside my window

© Sarah Whiteley

One of a poet’s many blessings – any weather is poetry weather. 🙂 Happy Friday, my friends!

asleep in your winter

settled with certainty
into fixed frosts
I and the leaves
have relaxed our claim
on light’s tenuousness
you wandered as do seasons
the periphery of me
occasional bursts of blooming
to thrust the heart of me
into your spring
I would wait
for the brush of you
and the unlikely quickening
of me into brilliance
without cure
this rift of you
divides the moments
while here I pine
asleep with the trees
in your winter

© Sarah Whiteley