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what matter what light

what is there left to make of this diminished light? is this benediction? or a requiem rung from empty throats? what use in evading the day's extinction? it is vespers, and the cantor marks an inescapable terminus what matter what light is left to us? … Continue reading what matter what light



I have a pianist's hands - long fingers - straight wrists - and a stretch that spans two notes above the octave a seer once held my hand and foretold three consuming loves, and none would remain by my side - after this last, I … Continue reading 2.13.2015


tonight, it's the Blues that slow-doleful prayer for understanding - a measure of salt for the cheeks on a night spent by the window with a glass of something that burns (on the rocks, of course) and that solitary pine for companion tonight, it's the … Continue reading 2.6.2015

after sweetness

there is no more sweetness left of you - I put you up in pies and jams and devoured you with coffee, on toast, until there was nothing left but faintly sticky fingers, empty plate © Sarah Whiteley