Tag: evening

sunset on Puget Sound

the sun unraveled, spooled itself into the Sound as if it needed something to fall into at the last I imagine startled fish - their silver suddenly gold, a splash of unexpected flash © Sarah Whiteley


last evening in May

the last evening in May and the dogs are still, stretched beside the window as still as the trees whose wind momentarily has no urge to prove itself the light nearly gone, still there is a lone hummingbird in the plum and two house finches … Continue reading last evening in May


tonight the sun thought to slip away - secret, unnoticed - but has instead become tangled in the branches of the plum which sways as close to the glow as it might manage - in just the same way I once crossed a kitchen floor … Continue reading tangled

evening fragment

I am transfixed by the kiss of sickle moon to black pine against infinite ink of sky © Sarah Whiteley Anyone else catch that large and glorious crescent moon in the sky a few nights ago? So beautiful!