Tag: evening


tonight the sun thought to slip away - secret, unnoticed - but has instead become tangled in the branches of the plum which sways as close to the glow as it might manage - in just the same way I once crossed a kitchen floor … Continue reading tangled


last night, the trees

last night, the trees stood up and proclaimed their poetry to one another something in the twilight inspired them, though not everyone paused to hear it but I and the day's last robin halted our respective routines to acknowledge what was clearly extraordinary © Sarah … Continue reading last night, the trees

evening fragment

I am transfixed by the kiss of sickle moon to black pine against infinite ink of sky © Sarah Whiteley Anyone else catch that large and glorious crescent moon in the sky a few nights ago? So beautiful!

sweeping up

so many of the places where we were are gone as if an unseen hand were sweeping up after us after closing after the late shadows have pushed the last shreds of day into quiet evening even then there were crickets and smells of coffee … Continue reading sweeping up


I have been gone too long from here from lulling grasses rustling keen kisses at the magnolia's feet, white petals bruised to scent, sharp and sudden as the flap of a finch flushed from beneath the boxwood the watchful eye of a sentinel moon rises … Continue reading returning