imperfect symmetries

you and I were
imperfect symmetries
of bow and bend
where clavicles met
and launched
a thousand windless
stars to rise
as butterflies
white above
that stretch
of grass beyond
the thereafter thrust
of hushful elm
where alone was
forever and right
I think if bones
were home
yours would reside
in mine

© Sarah Whiteley

delphinium dreams

delphiniums droop,
blue-winged bloomings,
not a hint of flight
but the feathered teasings
of billowy breezes,
that laughing,
passed them by
at night they dream,
I think,
of unstemmed delight –
dipping slipping drinking
in the troughs of
silver streaking tails
of untrowable stars
at last
we are higher
than the spires
to which the sun
and earth confined us

but by dawn
they lie,
impossible curls
of fallen sky,
upon the earth
to which they are
forever tied
while breezes ever
laughing, pass them by

© Sarah Whiteley