shameless cross-post

Because I can. And because I am in love with this picture, which is one of a series I took and plan to frame and hang on the walls. If I were a good little poet, I’d come up with a companion piece, but sometimes the picture is the poem.

For those of you who maybe haven’t clicked over to my photo blog before, clicking the photo above will take you there. Like magic. You should go – really. Especially if you like crows. And dogs. And poking fun at the amateur photographer.


light resides

light resides
in the quiet crook
of your elbow
were I to unbend it
or raise my head
from where my hair
loves the smooth
turns of you
it would surely escape
fly out the open window
pulling along behind
the rest of me
flushed as birds
from fields at dusk

© Sarah Whiteley

this safety of glass

this morning
a dust-white moth
flittered impervious
to improbability
precarious outside the window
twenty-seven floors up
and I, more unsettled than he,
held how quick the rise to love
how equally impervious
and fragile as moths
these improbable elevations
it is nothing less
and it is so much more
than flinging oneself beyond
this safety of glass

© Sarah Whiteley