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pretending flowers

light dropped from a great height makes no sound still words now would be thin and near to useless hush, since it's futile to say you are my joy, and watch the hummingbird search the warm, red bricks pretending flowers where there are none © … Continue reading pretending flowers


flower etiquette

our forsythia doesn’t bloom, never having been properly pruned the workmen (dirty-jeaned, bantering) being more adept at paint and plumbing than the etiquette of flowers © Sarah Whiteley


in one last, luminous bloom -summer erupts- golden, wondrous sun-drenched sentiment a perfectly whorled farewell © Sarah Whiteley


a brace of camellia buds, pale gold and swollen, nod knowingly in the rain March puddles may come, but the thrush still shouts when he's discovered his mate April is at the threshold and soon a parish of sparrows will be singing themselves silly in … Continue reading thresholds