light resides

light resides in the quiet crook of your elbow were I to unbend it or raise my head from where my hair loves the smooth turns of you it would surely escape fly out the open window pulling along behind the rest of me flushed as birds from fields at dusk © Sarah Whiteley

delphinium dreams

delphiniums droop, blue-winged bloomings, not a hint of flight but the feathered teasings of billowy breezes, that laughing, passed them by at night they dream, I think, of unstemmed delight - dipping slipping drinking in the troughs of silver streaking tails of untrowable stars whispering at last we are higher than the spires to which … Continue reading delphinium dreams

how like waves the days rise and rush, fold and founder, in this quieter collapse of perceived shores those hours I shooed and shushed, now distant as gulls whose calls sound time's dying, find placid flight along the cooler drifts of our remembrance I trail you behind like summer at September's end © Sarah Whiteley

at peace

it's been a year, my dear, since I shut the garden gate behind and shooed the wounded dreams away to trail mournful after happenstance and the ungraceful slant of those days no more than small disturbances now they rustle upon the edges of my feathers and along the bending tips of my grass there are … Continue reading at peace

the gypsy

the mind of a wanderer the heart of the road she pulls at the strings of the violin's soul feet beat the earth with the heat of a sun pulse set ablaze by night's primal hum she moves to the keen of sweet gypsy strings hips wrapped in hair like black-feathered wings she careens through … Continue reading the gypsy

I liked the aloneness of those days my thoughts had room to stretch and test the edges of the paper without the wired trenches that criss-cross shared spaces ideas could breathe through windows wide breezes shimmering along the clean edges of solitude a quiet corner misses the comfort of our companionship in spite of the … Continue reading