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assembling the fire

remember afternoon sun cures morning’s damper specimens for a bigger blaze, find an ally to help gather wet pieces can also be cured by sharing laughter but only if you share laughter long enough some pieces show more promise than others but do not discard … Continue reading assembling the fire



I can’t scrape away the last of my paint just can’t though I’ve been peeling myself away from these walls seven years now new walls, yes, can wear my color it’s yours I’ll miss © Sarah Whiteley


A new little piece written for a friend’s birthday. He’s one of those rare people who lives whole-heartedly and finds something to appreciate in every moment. I hope you enjoy!


I am learning finally how to be vulnerable, how to ask for help, and how to lean on friends and trust that they’ll stand steady beneath the weight. I’m coming to this lesson rather late in life, but this is a good step forward. But … Continue reading 3.4.2015


there's nothing quite so fine as drinking prison wine sitting on upturned milk crates with an aging Boxer dog and the best red-headed smartass I've ever had the pleasure of not completely falling for - not like all those others some lovers leave and others … Continue reading 2.18.2015