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mending a friendship

for Charlie routing earth for ants, our quarry a queen, it was as if the air turned to petals and buzzings of bees, each of us sweet and industrious in the bright breaks between rain earlier, we'd paused for the low darts of the swallows … Continue reading mending a friendship


us, in another version

in another version of this, the forsythia didn't forget to bloom in its yellow dress, a bright startlement against the old red bricks and in another version, waking up beside you would be almost ordinary - the difference being the margin between falling and fallen … Continue reading us, in another version

love, in summation

one by one, when you are most likely to be unsuspecting, I make them - these petal-gestures, trifling bright, scraps with some perhaps deeper meaning one day - maybe - you'll be struck by revelation, with unexpected math © Sarah Whiteley


I can’t scrape away the last of my paint just can’t though I’ve been peeling myself away from these walls seven years now new walls, yes, can wear my color it’s yours I’ll miss © Sarah Whiteley