say amen

who gives a damn, anyway? say amen and then try to forget the shape of the hands you carved your heart to fit there were just too many small holes to forgive the hymn left to sour the edge of your tongue was never hallelujah although we tried so hard to make it so but … Continue reading say amen

false hope

you were never and are not and yet then again that crumbling moment when the sun subsides and a farewell fire clings to the bellies of the clouds --you are dappled like that the glow about the edges of the end of my day though I am capsized it may yet be this way again-- … Continue reading false hope


I could not come to you unbroken - just as day breaks herself brightly upon the crests of dark rises and every day the earth turns to give her credence and then turns again away while she spills into oblivion - but like her I gather in soundless profundity the offered hours in piles against … Continue reading revolutions

captive birds trill changed tunes hearts somewhere far beyond bars and that which lies within thrums futile as feathers that never fly subsists and subsides © Sarah Whiteley


delight is fleeting and softness too soon hardens clay beneath the heat of loss the road runs constant on and over between fancy's fading fields keening streams carry sinners' dreams to seas restless as dormant dreamers adrift in empty beds of their own making night is fleeting and sorrow ever-waking sleeping feet travel dreaming trails … Continue reading untitled