I am learning finally how to be vulnerable, how to ask for help, and how to lean on friends and trust that they'll stand steady beneath the weight. I'm coming to this lesson rather late in life, but this is a good step forward. But I've reached a point where I find I need to … Continue reading 3.4.2015


Five years ago today, one tiny little poem marked the beginning of ebbtide. Five years! Am I celebrating? Hell yes! I am so grateful for the countless ways in which this little space on the internet has helped me - as an emotional outlet, a sounding board, a source of writerly camaraderie, and a place … Continue reading Celebrating!

turned earth

I had determined (after the last) to no longer offer up the root of myself let it beat (I thought) for nothing other than to mark the time passing beneath my skin but then hands (so mercilessly capable) dug in and I am as earth freshly turned and raw and the root (remembering yearning) has … Continue reading turned earth

to one who waited

to one who waited quiet as dust hidden and pale as peonies biding time beneath March rains I heard the scuttle of your yearning crossing the grass beneath pale water skies our unutterances have left us without bearing and meager as hungry for one another as spring buds for a nearer sun © Sarah Whiteley