squelchy Monday

today I would trade my squelchy shoes and sodden self for warm dogs and ticking radiators, steaming mugs of freshly brewed, nearly obscenely creamed coffee - there's even, I think, a donut on the kitchen counter with my name on it saying stay in! but instead it's frizzled hair, unending responsibilities, and rain that managed … Continue reading squelchy Monday

weed philosophy

by the roots, you say, but sometimes the roots are impossible to get at or they've spread immeasurable tendrils in countless directions so that even when pulled, pioneers still bust the sod and burst in yellow jeers at all my efforts may as well give in (nature always wins) and call that weed a wildflower … Continue reading weed philosophy

unforeseen complications

it's easy enough to say it's complicated and leave it at that truth is I've conjured enough complications to keep anyone at arm's length a definite divide to keep separate your skin from mine I never guessed you would simply lean over the fence © Sarah Whiteley


I. Don't. Cut. My. Hair. -well, except for maybe a little trim now and then, but not so's you'd notice- It's been two decades since I s(h)aved it all and (s)hoved it all in that /hateful/ boy's face two days before the prom and (it along with) my sharp- boned shoulders (s)ticking above that dress … Continue reading Hair.