Aruban Meditation

this day I,
with the calm cadence
of waves beyond blue,
will breathe the sea
and recall roots
that delve deeper
than the everyday
beginnings finger deep
into sugared sands
and float free
with fronds fluttering
green-fingered farewells
to invented obligations
this day I,
with the quiet certainty
of knowing oceans,
of fathoming the fall
of light on upright arms
and upraised faces
loving long the heat
of slow island hours,
will let time
in slow caresses
smooth calming cure
into care-drawn core
this night I,
with the deep peace
of wafting winds
and the teasing kiss
of an Aruban moon,
will lie as the lizards
upon the shore
beneath forever
and bask in the sigh
of Caribbean skies

© Sarah Whiteley