Tag: light

sunset on Puget Sound

the sun unraveled, spooled itself into the Sound as if it needed something to fall into at the last I imagine startled fish - their silver suddenly gold, a splash of unexpected flash © Sarah Whiteley



it was as if all of every summer's heat had sunk into the worn boards of the porch twenty years ago and I would do more than simply sit beside you and tell tales but here and twenty years backwards, I'll admit to seeing the … Continue reading porchlight


my knowledge of you is not free I pay for it, as one does with any passage - in silences, in glances held in the avid awareness of you alone amongst the crowd, and in relinquishing the oft-sharp joy light must feel in falling upon … Continue reading payment

pearl from shadow

there is no finer promise than the uncertain light which finds you from between the blinds and casts you in bewitching blue - a hue into which my hands are driven to dive - pulling the pearl from the shadow © Sarah Whiteley

the augury

you were new as buttercups in April, silent as a spill of church-light on the grass though I felt it in my own throat - your breath and that sweet, augural hitch as I passed © Sarah Whiteley