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have you seen how hope…

have you seen how hope gathers at the edge of pain? how like first light, it graces the thin lip of the ridge before sweeping wholesale down the slope? how sometimes it is slow to gather, and even slower to rise up over the noise … Continue reading have you seen how hope…


pretending flowers

light dropped from a great height makes no sound still words now would be thin and near to useless hush, since it's futile to say you are my joy, and watch the hummingbird search the warm, red bricks pretending flowers where there are none © … Continue reading pretending flowers


my knowledge of you is not free I pay for it, as one does with any passage - in silences, in glances held in the avid awareness of you alone amongst the crowd, and in relinquishing the oft-sharp joy light must feel in falling upon … Continue reading payment

pearl from shadow

there is no finer promise than the uncertain light which finds you from between the blinds and casts you in bewitching blue - a hue into which my hands are driven to dive - pulling the pearl from the shadow © Sarah Whiteley

the augury

you were new as buttercups in April, silent as a spill of church-light on the grass though I felt it in my own throat - your breath and that sweet, augural hitch as I passed © Sarah Whiteley


while there is time, before light returns to nothing - --listen-- the silence that arises following the wreck is our sound of goodbye we are both of us composed of calligraphies the other will never read © Sarah Whiteley