that absence hangs around, a lone note held - b-flat drifting long after the tables have emptied a blind man would have known to find a way away from you but fire makes us stupid and before this space was vacant it. was. on. fire. things are so much clearer when seen in d minor … Continue reading 2.20.2015


the hesitations spring like reeds that sway and bend at the edge of me I have been disturbed beyond surfaces as if the stone of your name were dropped again and again into the heart of me and I must swallow it whole or break © Sarah Whiteley


I am a bewilderment of limbs - a profusion of uncomfortable truths - and as a result, am ungainly beside you all twisted fingers and benumbed tongue but lit up inside by fireflies © Sarah Whiteley

unforeseen complications

it's easy enough to say it's complicated and leave it at that truth is I've conjured enough complications to keep anyone at arm's length a definite divide to keep separate your skin from mine I never guessed you would simply lean over the fence © Sarah Whiteley