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boating at night

the boat of course is metaphor
though it is, undeniably, night

and fingers do trail over the side,
but also over stern and bow

it is also true that we do move as water –
that hair cascades and skin ripples

but that again is metaphor,
for which I am unapologetic

and I cannot be at all contrite
for not minding stirring up depths

or were we to drown together
beneath the moon’s regard

in fact, my heart, that may be all
that is certain and indisputable

© Sarah Whiteley

attraction (repost)

I am a bewilderment
of limbs –

a profusion
of uncomfortable truths –

and as a result,
am ungainly beside you

all twisted fingers
and benumbed tongue

but lit up inside
by fireflies

© Sarah Whiteley

A repost from July 2013.
MJH – one of the first pieces I ever wrote about you, and you still give me fireflies. Much love and much light. I’ll see you in a minute.

the waiting

the waiting creeps up from feet, passes hips, submerges wrists in slippery uncertainty naturally, the ear strains to catch the subtle shift of air that marks departure no one ever sings through the smoke of staying – love and smoke both only ever go sometimes … Continue reading the waiting