mending a friendship

for Charlie

routing earth for ants,
our quarry a queen,
it was as if the air
turned to petals
and buzzings of bees,
each of us sweet
and industrious
in the bright breaks
between rain

earlier, we’d paused
for the low darts
of the swallows
and the unexpectedness
of a dragonfly
the exact color
of a November sea

for now a small quest
and a glad yes
enough to bring us
shoulder to shoulder
in the tentative hope
of certainty and sorry

© Sarah Whiteley

sew it is

bring me thread
red with want
and thinly shining
from my spool

bring me pins
and thin as hope
seemly seams

bring me needles
bright eyed
and sharp gazed
never erring
to bear the thread
between the pins

bring me shears
firmly clenching
that I may cut
the threads
that unruly hang

bring me cloth
tight woven
that I may stitch
a life
that I may mend
the days

sew it is
and sew it shall be

© Sarah Whiteley