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this window is just the idea of sky in the same way hands merely suggest caress human hearts imagine more than what is given this ceaseless invocation is hope and is the reason for so many moon songs © Sarah Whiteley


boating at night

the boat of course is metaphor though it is, undeniably, night and fingers do trail over the side, but also over stern and bow it is also true that we do move as water - that hair cascades and skin ripples but that again is … Continue reading boating at night

November morning

morning blushes when she realizes where she is and the moon still alight travels through her down the hill toward its own reflection an early crow sitting on the tip of the pine scolds them both for tarrying © Sarah Whiteley

evening fragment

I am transfixed by the kiss of sickle moon to black pine against infinite ink of sky © Sarah Whiteley Anyone else catch that large and glorious crescent moon in the sky a few nights ago? So beautiful!