Joy (repost)

the good days Freude, are those days that schoener Goetterfunken in spite of the noise Tochter aus Elysium, the naggings wir betreten the sagging weight feuertrunken, of worry, responsibility Himmlische, the ignorance dein Heiligtum. and uncarefulness deine Zauber of others binden wieder the sometimes blatant was der Mode disregard, disrepair Schwert geteilt of how the … Continue reading Joy (repost)


A new little piece written for a friend's birthday. He's one of those rare people who lives whole-heartedly and finds something to appreciate in every moment. I hope you enjoy!

some days just

here's that fracture point again when you just know you have to change things around, create a frisson of upheaval some days just settle down into the low-down, nose-to-cheek with d minor riffs and lost grips on others' barrelhouse hearts and yet there are other days - days that survive the coup to rise up, … Continue reading some days just


that absence hangs around, a lone note held - b-flat drifting long after the tables have emptied a blind man would have known to find a way away from you but fire makes us stupid and before this space was vacant it. was. on. fire. things are so much clearer when seen in d minor … Continue reading 2.20.2015


tonight, it's the Blues that slow-doleful prayer for understanding - a measure of salt for the cheeks on a night spent by the window with a glass of something that burns (on the rocks, of course) and that solitary pine for companion tonight, it's the Blues, yes but tomorrow, I'll be Jazz

January Goes

My piano has always been a means of communicating and processing my emotions. Playing has carried me through some very tough times. When words fail me, sometimes this is the only voice I feel I have. And I'm extremely grateful I have this outlet. Hope you enjoy the newest composition!

A Word of Cheer

“A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love from someone near, A little gift from one held dear, Best wishes for the coming year. These make a merry christmas!” --John Greenleaf Whittier Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Season of Light to all my followers, readers, fellow writers and artists and keepers of … Continue reading A Word of Cheer


I have stumbled upon the occasion of your lips and wander wondrously betwixt - bewitched © Sarah Whiteley Just a quick note to say I'm still writing. But I've also been keeping myself busy with composing a new piece of music - I know! the first in quite some time! So if posts are tapering … Continue reading *