the creek

I lived once alongside the creek with its green tumblings and blue pools, where younger hands than these knew the language of the ridges in the bark of the oak that created a bridge of itself - a path to the tall grasses fanning the sky on the other side, where the small adventures of … Continue reading the creek

the afternoon after


the afternoon after arranges itself - black limbs, off-white shroud, the dark of the damp on the interrupted grain of the bench end where I've settled for solitude, for seeking the green among the gray the afternoon after © Sarah Whiteley

uncommon company


uncommon company comes cawing -purple gracing black- knocks politely on the wood, awaits his morning snack ****Crow Update**** It's been a while since I've done one of these and perhaps it's overdue? Coyote and his mate (now called Magda) had no surviving offspring from the spring's hatch. There's really no telling what happened but I … Continue reading uncommon company

at Talapus

that day at Talapus the jays played in the pines above gracing our fingers with intrepid feet - strikingly light and agile things - like briefly holding a sliver of delight - bright-eyed and fleeting, as joyous things tend to be © Sarah Whiteley

November chickadees

chickadee 20141101_123635

November chill rusts the dogwood, scatters the locust seeds down the sodden street the maple this year shows an unusual reluctance for red but today gray was made a near beautiful thing - a frame for the darker darts of the chickadees in the yellow goodbye of the chestnut tree © Sarah Whiteley