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A little poem and what I have been up to…

somewhere between heart and home, the iron in blood sees itself also in stone, in earth beneath feet we are as bound to landscape as are tendons to muscle as tied to hearth as we are to wander © Sarah Whiteley Things have been quiet … Continue reading A little poem and what I have been up to…


wildness is a necessity

when, as now, the city leans too close - all cloying constructs, relentless cement send to me a comfort of simple pine, send to me an endurance of wind-bent cedar, give to me the remoteness of ridgelines and a full solace of placid tarns what … Continue reading wildness is a necessity

the creek

I lived once alongside the creek with its green tumblings and blue pools, where younger hands than these knew the language of the ridges in the bark of the oak that created a bridge of itself - a path to the tall grasses fanning the … Continue reading the creek

the afternoon after

the afternoon after arranges itself – black limbs, off-white shroud, the dark of the damp on the interrupted grain of the bench end where I’ve settled for solitude, for seeking the green among the gray the afternoon after © Sarah Whiteley


the gulls face the waves perched on their own reflections water reaches nothing is washed away except time from this day © Sarah Whiteley