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whole-skyed and flying, soft-rain-pattering, humming-handed amazement green-leafed, joyous/fearful, dancing out-loud laughing universe feet grass-grounded, migrating eyes, home-hearted wanderlust this is how, my love, I love you © Sarah Whiteley Every now and then I'm allowed to be silly in love. Happy Valentine's Day, fellow lovers … Continue reading joyous/fearful


I am a bewilderment of limbs - a profusion of uncomfortable truths - and as a result, am ungainly beside you all twisted fingers and benumbed tongue but lit up inside by fireflies © Sarah Whiteley


soft now and you unknowing in rings of green I will string you and like a child in dandelions bedecked I will drape here the cool bloom of you where my fingers may twine and trail restless in the loops of your hair © Sarah … Continue reading *