whole-skyed and flying, soft-rain-pattering, humming-handed amazement green-leafed, joyous/fearful, dancing out-loud laughing universe feet grass-grounded, migrating eyes, home-hearted wanderlust this is how, my love, I love you © Sarah Whiteley Every now and then I'm allowed to be silly in love. Happy Valentine's Day, fellow lovers of love and life!


I am a bewilderment of limbs - a profusion of uncomfortable truths - and as a result, am ungainly beside you all twisted fingers and benumbed tongue but lit up inside by fireflies © Sarah Whiteley


soft now and you unknowing in rings of green I will string you and like a child in dandelions bedecked I will drape here the cool bloom of you where my fingers may twine and trail restless in the loops of your hair © Sarah Whiteley

mermaid hair

you have mermaid hair, as he pours my coffee and the scent of salt and sea surprises earthy café as if just now I recall the slide into the quiet cool beneath the languid lying amidst the silver flashes of fishes, the surge and sway of sea and kelp and calm the forgotten fins and … Continue reading mermaid hair

the rabbits

says an orange cat one clear June day the clover is sweet do you want to play? I do says a rabbit me too! say two but one little rabbit from the burrow below squeaks no! why not? says the cat twitching his tail together we'll go where the crisp carrots grow yes! says a … Continue reading the rabbits