sun warm
summer honey
clings in slow drips
to fingertips
the bees pulse in reels
honeysuckle drunk
and leaves sleepily weave
the golden hours
between cicada beats
seconds slow
and time is measured
by the gentle bend
of sweet green blades
and the dappled dance
of maple shade

© Sarah Whiteley


Seattle spring

green is slow in coming
and I am nostalgic
for aimless tripping
through greenhouses
and salt-scented air
hinting of fish
and far-floating drifts
of sea-bound-weed
for a few weeks
lilacs will tint the breeze
with fondness
and daffodils blaze
the beginning
of evening treks
under rain-tipped magnolias
on moss-covered walks
past the sweet molasses
coffee air of the donut shop
I do not think
I would mind
the bickering of starlings
were spring and I there
in the same city air

© Sarah Whiteley