Tag: past

gone to blue

should they ask, I have gone to blue, I have gone to green stillnesses, to the bright-lipped lake where the reeds still recall that the wanting is often greater than ever the having, and that some days the rift is only the start of a … Continue reading gone to blue

down east

it was late November when I drove toward Maine I still hear how the wind tore across the highway, rattling doors and nearly blowing that tired red Buick into the frozen ditch I had second, third - hell sixth thoughts on the other side of … Continue reading down east


I love this now, and this one, and the now I carried with me then, when stumbling upon that field rampant with sunflowers so bent upon echoing the brilliancy of day, they pressed themselves flush against the belly of the yellowing sky and like photographs … Continue reading now


you steal the breeze and there is nothing stirring left to remind me what is breathing and in the dark hours the desert trembles green between the sorrows and the seams remembering the silence of trees and the between-times the brightness of uncaged stars and … Continue reading breathing

at peace

it's been a year, my dear, since I shut the garden gate behind and shooed the wounded dreams away to trail mournful after happenstance and the ungraceful slant of those days no more than small disturbances now they rustle upon the edges of my feathers … Continue reading at peace