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in my truest life…

at Shi Shi, Sept 2015 in my truest life, I have learned to know my own bones and to love the companionship of my own thoughts when alone and yet to appreciate still the return to home © Sarah Whiteley


you are mistaken, dear friend – it is not loneliness to be in such a space, where solitude might be relievedly embraced it is not lost when the venturing writes a trail to rediscovered peace © Sarah Whiteley


Some broken things, in the right light, still shine. And in a perfect wind, the fragmentary might fly. But mostly we forget this and gather too closely the sharp edges to our chest – seeking solace in those pieces that are left.

apologies and a quick update

My apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of months. I had a lot to handle in a very short time and unfortunately this meant all blogging activities were put on the back burner for a while.

The good news is I’m BACK! However, the blog will be going down temporarily beginning next week while I work on a redesign which will better incorporate some of the photography and art projects I’ve been working on along with the writing.

Thanks everyone who checked in and emailed to make sure I was still breathing! I swear I’ll be making the regular blog circuit again in just a short while.

Be well!

otherwise occupied

I’ve discovered a trail
between the indented kiss
of your right clavicle
and the contour of your chest
that invites the dusty curl
of light from between Sunday
morning blinds – it begs
to be photographed,
but always my hands
are otherwise occupied

© Sarah Whiteley

shameless cross-post

Because I can. And because I am in love with this picture, which is one of a series I took and plan to frame and hang on the walls. If I were a good little poet, I’d come up with a companion piece, but sometimes the picture is the poem.

For those of you who maybe haven’t clicked over to my photo blog before, clicking the photo above will take you there. Like magic. You should go – really. Especially if you like crows. And dogs. And poking fun at the amateur photographer.