I’ve been pushing around paint for the past couple of days. If that sounds semi-aggressive to you, you’d be right. I’ve pulled out the cheap brushes and the cheap studio canvas and I’ve been just relishing the chaos. “Inner Chaos, meet Outer Chaos. I’m sure you’ll get along just fine.”

Most people looking at what I was doing right now would probably say “but Sarah, that’s just a big blue mess.” And I’d say “yes, that’s exactly what that is.” But it’s a satisfying mess. And better out than in.

Big Blue Mess


New Scan-20130115095756-00001

It wasn’t me!
It was these shoes!
They dragged me
where I didn’t choose!

As soon as they
were on my feet,
off they went
on down the street.

If they weren’t
so tightly tied
I might have taken
back my stride,

but they stomped my
fingers when I tried
and yanked me up
the tallest slide.

They marched me
to the candy shop
I really could not
make them stop!

They kicked my
sister in the shin
then ran before
she saw me grin.

They raced me
to the jungle gym,
I was a victim
to their whim!

They wandered through
the tallest grass
and made me late
for science class.

It wasn’t me!
It was these shoes!
My feet were hostage –
sore abused!

Take these shoes –
these things are cursed!
But you’ll hafta
catch me first!

© Sarah Whiteley

Sometimes you just have to be silly. Although I don’t recommend shin kicking. Usually.

Magnetic Poem #1

Ok, you’ll have to forgive the poor image quality – taken with the camera phone at night. But still legible, I think.

Needless to say, I’ve gotten myself a little toy. I think I needed to mix things up a bit – was feeling a bit like I was in a rut and unable to move forward with anything I was working on. So I figure I’ll play for a bit with the magnetic poetry just to “get the juices flowing” for the next few weeks.

The words were harder to pull apart than I remember them being – as evidenced by the ragged edges on some. But hey – now it’s shabby chic magnetic poetry, right? (Someone needs to market that.)