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wildness is a necessity

when, as now, the city leans too close - all cloying constructs, relentless cement send to me a comfort of simple pine, send to me an endurance of wind-bent cedar, give to me the remoteness of ridgelines and a full solace of placid tarns what … Continue reading wildness is a necessity



I am in love with your golden-reds with the sting of restraint with pretending the sweet salt of your palm is mine © Sarah Whiteley


this window is just the idea of sky in the same way hands merely suggest caress human hearts imagine more than what is given this ceaseless invocation is hope and is the reason for so many moon songs © Sarah Whiteley


tonight the sun thought to slip away - secret, unnoticed - but has instead become tangled in the branches of the plum which sways as close to the glow as it might manage - in just the same way I once crossed a kitchen floor … Continue reading tangled