the thesaroarasaurus

there’s a thesaroarasaurus
that stalks my library
he wanders through the bookshelves
perusing A through Z

his feet leave giant imprints
upon the hardwood floor
for the thesaroarasaurus
never wipes them at the door

the way he handles pages
is such a sore disgrace
for he bends the upper corners
so he doesn’t lose his place

he drools upon the pages
and licks the title spines
he doesn’t care about the yuck
and never pays his fines

for when a thesaroarasaurus
loves the books he’s reading
he doesn’t know “devour a book”
does not refer to eating

there’s a thesaroarasaurus
hiding in the stacks
I think I’ll go check out a book
please pray that I come back

© Sarah Whiteley