Wandering Wonderful – New Chapbook Announcement

This has been a long time coming for me, so I am extra pleased to be able to announce my forthcoming new chapbook via Finishing Line Press, Wandering Wonderful. Copies are available for pre-order through the Finishing Line Press website and will begin to ship out in mid-May. Click on the link here to take a peek: Wandering Wonderful

It has been six years since the publication of my first chapbook, so for those of you who have been asking about another, thank you for bearing with me and for continuing to support me with your kind praise and words of encouragement. I am blessed to have been surrounded by such a talented community of poets, writers, artists, and fellow wanderers. Much love to you!

Also, for anyone interested, I have meandered over into Instagram territory. Look for @hikeswithbooks if you are so inclined (you may just see a few different photos of my hiking adventures than you would on the blog).

With a full and grateful heart,

I have officially sent out my first submission for consideration. I have no grand illusions of success. Afterall, this is a first attempt. And I sent it off to a very lofty height indeed – one bound to end in a thump. My poor, poor cover letter sat relatively naked, with no prior publication credentials whatsoever with which to clothe it… I imagine other cover letters will point and laugh.

But there it is. I’ve sent it. My first real try at serious publication and I’m proud of myself for taking the step. And I’ll try very hard to remind myself of that when the inevitable thump comes.