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writing home

the small-birds have finally found the window feeder and the dogs are enthralled with their sudden proximity we are well, though feeling the spring in our bones – that gentle eruption debuts a new brand of restlessness the boards of the porch have been too … Continue reading writing home


after a poem by Ono no Komachi too soon the bloom has slipped from the stem – a light lost over the deepening sill of evening and back and forth, the beads are slipped slowly down the thread while I wait with the rain


the crocuses have awoken, a defiant yellow flare against the bricks and my shoes have grown fonder this year of puddles than I might wish so much so, that my toes have pruned by the end of the day yet I am reluctant to cast … Continue reading 2.5.2015


a brace of camellia buds, pale gold and swollen, nod knowingly in the rain March puddles may come, but the thrush still shouts when he's discovered his mate April is at the threshold and soon a parish of sparrows will be singing themselves silly in … Continue reading thresholds

found poem

yesterday's fortune left the fragment of a poem lying in the January drizzle for me to perceive and carry (treasured) home some squirrel, winter hungry no doubt, had dug it up and nibbled most of the roots away to nubs - but still, green pushes … Continue reading found poem