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us, in another version

in another version of this, the forsythia didn't forget to bloom in its yellow dress, a bright startlement against the old red bricks and in another version, waking up beside you would be almost ordinary - the difference being the margin between falling and fallen … Continue reading us, in another version


love, in summation

one by one, when you are most likely to be unsuspecting, I make them - these petal-gestures, trifling bright, scraps with some perhaps deeper meaning one day - maybe - you'll be struck by revelation, with unexpected math © Sarah Whiteley


tonight the sun thought to slip away - secret, unnoticed - but has instead become tangled in the branches of the plum which sways as close to the glow as it might manage - in just the same way I once crossed a kitchen floor … Continue reading tangled


until I saw them for myself, your feet existed purely as theory how jarring now to find them planted firmly on the porch © Sarah Whiteley