I perched there - my hands, my words, undelivered, on the edge of the porch - I could not be otherwise, though you were a hand's-breadth, (a breath's-breadth) away why leap only to be denuded, disabused of what I'd only hoped your hands had meant? perhaps I've spread the interpretation of your touch ridiculously thin, … Continue reading misinterpretation

the waiting

the waiting creeps up from feet, passes hips, submerges wrists in slippery uncertainty naturally, the ear strains to catch the subtle shift of air that marks departure no one ever sings through the smoke of staying - love and smoke both only ever go sometimes you get so caught up in the leaving, all kisses … Continue reading the waiting

the departed

your departure has the weight of ash no longer carrying your fate, I return to my old shape days hold their same complexities but night has become startlingly simple - rucked sheets, wooden bed-frame - there's no need to believe in anything else how is it that you ever fit inside these walls? inside this … Continue reading the departed


while there is time, before light returns to nothing - --listen-- the silence that arises following the wreck is our sound of goodbye we are both of us composed of calligraphies the other will never read © Sarah Whiteley

this is how

this is how things end then - with dancing, and a ruined heart unexpected and yet somehow not, since this is you afterall this is an emptiness that cannot redeem itself with waiting but I've grown used to thorns, have almost forgotten the fireflies, have known always that the flames could be turned to strike … Continue reading this is how

tell me

tell me what happened after you left - of the intimacies that died absent of ceremony, without song the days since have been a procession of ponderous silences, so close together it has been impossible to speak between them the things that should really rather be shouted into the cavity created, refined to echoes - … Continue reading tell me