tell me

tell me what happened after you left - of the intimacies that died absent of ceremony, without song the days since have been a procession of ponderous silences, so close together it has been impossible to speak between them the things that should really rather be shouted into the cavity created, refined to echoes - … Continue reading tell me

old friend

tonight I and the quiet make a companion of the rain whose soft staccato taps at the window as if asking to be let in this - the first silence in weeks - is as welcome now as any old friend or comfortable shoe we fit, you see, without straining and fill without words (without … Continue reading old friend


what is it we cannot waken words to say? where is the fathoming in syllables that slip too lightly from undone tongues? is silence then so much lighter that we may fly the lines drawn between our two skies meet beneath the gaze of crows and under the widening eye of the moon embrace with … Continue reading shush

choosing silence

lately I find myself choosing silence - the quiet night as it breathes cool dreams across the white sill - in the soft stirring calm I almost can follow in blissful drifts deeper into the hollow of sky above stars below and all the heavens before me © Sarah Whiteley