craving stars, I crept down the crouching hallway, disturbing only moths seeking their own small allowance of light trees sleep, lowering their limbs by fractions as the day subsides, leaving only the incremental gestures of slumber I have had to explain often the peculiar edicts of insomnia, and how it does no good to seek … Continue reading insomnia

evening fragment

I am transfixed by the kiss of sickle moon to black pine against infinite ink of sky © Sarah Whiteley Anyone else catch that large and glorious crescent moon in the sky a few nights ago? So beautiful!

color study – sky

let this be be the color of the sky - shades of rain and chicory and cloud shadow slants on broken-stalked plain weathered white porch eaves where the speckle-winged moths flit on evening's brim with the last long curls of the iris slowly fading from its porcelain vase © Sarah Whiteley

honey sweet

honey sweet hangs the moon in the silhouette of the elm rising cold baring limbs in gesturing winds with thin woodsy fingers so we can better see the honey sweet gleam of the moon just hanging there © Sarah Whiteley