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no stars have come for us…

no stars have come for us no birds align in coded message there is only us and all the ways I say without saying that I am both broken and blooming, and uncertain how to welcome hope and despair on such unequal footing © Sarah … Continue reading no stars have come for us…



craving stars, I crept down the crouching hallway, disturbing only moths seeking their own small allowance of light trees sleep, lowering their limbs by fractions as the day subsides, leaving only the incremental gestures of slumber I have had to explain often the peculiar edicts … Continue reading insomnia

taking stock

what matters is this - that there are cranes strolling in the shallows - a silhouetted grace against the sky's dying bloom that the waters of the sound cradle the brilliance that pinkens the hills and wash the dusklight onto shore that chilled feet are … Continue reading taking stock


the moon has captured me by the ankles, is crawling through me and I must burst into new surfaces this morning my hands awoke, and for the first time in years, ached to find something other than air beside them but even without the solid … Continue reading untitled