spark of violets

February, and snow is
in the forecast

it’s been colder here
than what is usual

though yesterday,
a surprise spark of violets

in the subtle shelter
of stone and spruce

trilled something other
than Winter’s tune –

impermanent, but
etched into the day

© Sarah Whiteley


the corners
where we never stood
surprise me most
with curbed whisperings
of what wasn’t
and more,
of what won’t
this is the quandary
of your ghost
shadowing me
in the places
we’ve never walked
to the streets
we won’t

© Sarah Whiteley

PS – To those wondering why I’ve been quiet on the writing-front… I’ve simply rediscovered my watercolor pencils and for now they hold my fancy. Never fear. The word wheels never stop turning completely and the cool fall air is bringing on the urge for more words. Soon.