April windstorm

the winds that rushed in yesterday to strip branches of their blooms flipped trash can lids, sent them spinning down the street, cast crows into chaotic aeronautics and sent all songbirds deep into their shrubbed shelters but today, they come out singing blithely tumbling between trees, the sidewalks surprised by pink – awash in piles … Continue reading April windstorm


craving stars, I crept down the crouching hallway, disturbing only moths seeking their own small allowance of light trees sleep, lowering their limbs by fractions as the day subsides, leaving only the incremental gestures of slumber I have had to explain often the peculiar edicts of insomnia, and how it does no good to seek … Continue reading insomnia


a dozen dark-eyed juncos, full of bright yes-es, skitter through a feast of fallen cones for days now I've carried the polished comfort of a horse chestnut like a talisman though no earthly charm will reconcile the leaves back onto November trees when October finally yields © Sarah Whiteley


August again, and the jays are leaving feathered remembrances in ones and threes on the sidewalks beneath the trees - showing sweet-shadowed maples the best places for leaves to lay come October © Sarah Whiteley Back with a new look! The idea is to begin incorporating my photography and art into the poetry blog (tiedtosky.wordpress.com … Continue reading feathers

autumn’s end

the bees have succumbed to drowsiness and the honeysuckle's dropped, replaced by the final asters bowing low in blue reverence of sky the river birches arch their yellow-graced necks over the pond where drifts of silver fish begin their quiet descent to barely being maples wait in flashing ranks, upturned and expectant of lowering skies … Continue reading autumn’s end


the dogwood holds out its buds in tight-fingered spring, weeks after the juncos began to sing and the robins to trill their territories even the cherry trees twisted with age have thrust their changing into the air, as though they feel the need to prove they can still and burst themselves pink with the effort … Continue reading spring