the restitution for winter

the restitution for winter is this –

the modest wink of a wood violet,
a bit of bright among
the passing season’s debris

© Sarah Whiteley

I suspect that this is a snippet I will eventually expand upon. But for now, I think a nice little reminder that there is hope amidst the cold is fitting. Keep safe out there!

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spark of violets

February, and snow is
in the forecast

it’s been colder here
than what is usual

though yesterday,
a surprise spark of violets

in the subtle shelter
of stone and spruce

trilled something other
than Winter’s tune –

impermanent, but
etched into the day

© Sarah Whiteley

almost spring moon

the insistence of clouds
makes of this a barely moon –
a struggle against
the low skies of winter

and yet yesterday
I watched a robin stridently pipe
his wish for a willing wife
from the top of the power pole

spring, though still disguised
in her winter veil,
emerges from the damp –
shyly purple, in violets

© Sarah Whiteley