quick update

My nailbeds are a lovely blueish purple right now. The building has steam radiators which are controlled from the boiler room with a timer, the timing of which is still apparently being worked out. The dogs are curled up in the bed and Angus has taken to sleeping in a ball with his tail over … Continue reading quick update

squelchy Monday

today I would trade my squelchy shoes and sodden self for warm dogs and ticking radiators, steaming mugs of freshly brewed, nearly obscenely creamed coffee - there's even, I think, a donut on the kitchen counter with my name on it saying stay in! but instead it's frizzled hair, unending responsibilities, and rain that managed … Continue reading squelchy Monday


I have stumbled upon the occasion of your lips and wander wondrously betwixt - bewitched © Sarah Whiteley Just a quick note to say I'm still writing. But I've also been keeping myself busy with composing a new piece of music - I know! the first in quite some time! So if posts are tapering … Continue reading *


the dogwood holds out its buds in tight-fingered spring, weeks after the juncos began to sing and the robins to trill their territories even the cherry trees twisted with age have thrust their changing into the air, as though they feel the need to prove they can still and burst themselves pink with the effort … Continue reading spring


it isn't so much that the days are tiring as it is the light is struggling to stay as earth is urged to darker arms and the calm of slow hibernation how wondrous it is that light should find a fragile respite in fiery leaves as if the trees too would stoke it brighter for … Continue reading brighter


Well, folks, work is crazy right now and will remain so until about mid-October. This is our busiest time of year and I am buried. So between the crazy hours, no weekends, and lack of any time other than that which I use to eat, sleep, brush my teeth, shower, and occasionally use the loo … Continue reading Away