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A little poem and what I have been up to…

somewhere between heart and home, the iron in blood sees itself also in stone, in earth beneath feet we are as bound to landscape as are tendons to muscle as tied to hearth as we are to wander © Sarah Whiteley Things have been quiet … Continue reading A little poem and what I have been up to…



these things have collected me - endless books, unworn shoes, pots I split my self between them - fingers holding open pages, a close eye kept on the pot one day I'll evict them though maybe not quite all - save perhaps a favorite but … Continue reading cluttered

no grace in wanting

there is no grace in true wanting - it staggers, and refuses to be written - its divinity locked in the eyes that yours decline ever to meet © Sarah Whiteley

the waiting

the waiting creeps up from feet, passes hips, submerges wrists in slippery uncertainty naturally, the ear strains to catch the subtle shift of air that marks departure no one ever sings through the smoke of staying – love and smoke both only ever go sometimes … Continue reading the waiting