I have not named what it is I am grieving…

I have not named
what it is I am grieving –
letting go becomes
unfeasible in such a state

perhaps it is simply
for a space which carries
both the gravity
and lightness of leaving

a place where inhaling
and exhaling
become something other
than separate acts –

disparate sides
of the same smooth stone,
palmed for the easy comfort
of its rounded weight

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. It’s amazing how I came across this in my time of grieving it was a well needed read. I have recently realized I not only have postpartum depression and anxiety but that I am also finally going through the grieving process of my recently lost loved ones. it took me awhile to admit and finally verbalize what I was going through. So to you I say thank you…reading your poem was like talking to a kindred spirit.



    1. Grief is such a tricky thing and stirring depression and anxiety into the mix, I know how you can begin to believe you will never feel differently. I’m so glad that my poem has given you some peace and knowledge that there are others (many others) who can understand and relate. I wish you well in your journey. Know that there is always a bend in the road. ❤

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