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somewhere else

today everything I know is somewhere else except that the ivy has been trying to come through window I remember the last time I crawled through a window that was Mexico though, with the moon low over the sea and the slow procession of turtles … Continue reading somewhere else


roundabouts nowhere

the question, always the same, and the answer is that there are so many blessed nowheres she says she'll have to find me when I finally get that car, when I finally succumb to go she knows that I can write about birds for only … Continue reading roundabouts nowhere


on days when I cannot be here - in the sense that my vigor for living rebels - I can instead be tucked among the clutches of brush on the high plateau can instead snaps bits of silvery desert sage, crush it, inhaling - we … Continue reading escape


thinking of those days behind the wheel, cat stretched across the dash, exemption stretched out along straight, gray highways trying now not to swallow that hook, though lately it seems the city hates me, shoves me toward her swilled-to-the-gill gutters back then, there was the … Continue reading *