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wildness is a necessity

when, as now, the city leans too close - all cloying constructs, relentless cement send to me a comfort of simple pine, send to me an endurance of wind-bent cedar, give to me the remoteness of ridgelines and a full solace of placid tarns what … Continue reading wildness is a necessity



on days when I cannot be here - in the sense that my vigor for living rebels - I can instead be tucked among the clutches of brush on the high plateau can instead snaps bits of silvery desert sage, crush it, inhaling - we … Continue reading escape


thinking of those days behind the wheel, cat stretched across the dash, exemption stretched out along straight, gray highways trying now not to swallow that hook, though lately it seems the city hates me, shoves me toward her swilled-to-the-gill gutters back then, there was the … Continue reading *


you are mistaken, dear friend – it is not loneliness to be in such a space, where solitude might be relievedly embraced it is not lost when the venturing writes a trail to rediscovered peace © Sarah Whiteley