the dogwood holds out its buds
in tight-fingered spring,
weeks after the juncos began to sing
and the robins to trill their territories

even the cherry trees twisted with age
have thrust their changing into the air,
as though they feel the need to prove
they can still and burst themselves
pink with the effort

all this for clutches of crows’ eggs
and creamy crowned daffodils
nodding delight in spite
of a fresh invasion of snails

© Sarah Whiteley

It is done. I officially finished with the deadline madness at about half past eight tonight. There will be plenty of clean-up to handle, but the hard part is over and done. I can’t say I handled myself with complete grace in the last few hours and I’m a little ruffled in spirit right now, but I think a good solid weekend and returning to a normal workflow will set things right.

Anyway, I am so happy to be back and in a place where I can start writing more regularly and visiting all those lovely writerly corners of the web that I’ve missed during the past several weeks. (You know who you are!)


  1. The giant dogwoods on my property are blooming. My house deck is surrounded making me feel as though I am in a tree house high in the forest. I can see nothing but bare tree branches and dogwood flowers. How lucky am I. Wish you all could have this experience. Spring is here even if it snows again.



      1. ooch! As a child on an Air Force base in Okinawa, I stepped on so many snails, never on purpose. I still cringe remembering it! I don’t like snails. I have eaten a couple, however. Not bad.



    1. so I shouldn’t tell you it’s supposed to hit the mid-60’s this week? must say I do not miss spring in the Midwest (I think they’re pretty much in your same boat right now) may spring find you soon! 🙂



    1. Ooh, I do love magnolias. But I doubt I’d ever have one in my yard – they make such a mess between shedding husks and dropping big waxy petals everywhere. But I love to stop and smell them 🙂 Glad you’re getting spring over there, Val. I’d heard it was slow in coming.



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