all that glitters


I’m finding art to be my much needed “de-stress” meditation recently. For a few hours every other day or so, I’ve been losing myself in line and color.

It’s been a blessing to not be thinking about anything other than what’s happening beneath my pen or paints. And I’ve discovered that the more I do this, the greater my patience grows and I actually take my time with each piece. And I’ve been enjoying challenging myself to paint things I’ve never painted before. Like this goldfish, which will be a gift for a wonderful person who loves goldfish and whose birthday is coming up soon.

For a while, I think, the poetry will be on the sparse side while I enjoy the paints and ink. Be well!


  1. Wonderful Sarah,

    The place we go in our head when we paint is totally different from the place we go when we write poetry and much more absorbing 🙂
    I hope you take your paint box to the sea



  2. So happy you’re enjoying inks and colors and painting. I tend to go back and forth with my writing as well. I love what you’ve been up to!

    I’ll be posting new art and new newness soon. It takes awhile for me to re-emerge after a long emotional block, but after a break, it’s a great, long breath of fresh air and a chance to look around and discover the gentle changes that have taken place with my fellow artists. Like watching the sky dawn and dusk.

    *giggles* And like this illustrator finding her inner poet, too.

    Don’t you find that painting with watercolor is a lot like watching poetry?



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