I am learning finally how to be vulnerable, how to ask for help, and how to lean on friends and trust that they’ll stand steady beneath the weight. I’m coming to this lesson rather late in life, but this is a good step forward. But I’ve reached a point where I find I need to “lie low to the wall” for a while, as O’Donohue suggests in his poem. So I’m stepping away from new posts and writing in general for a while. I really couldn’t say for how long – at least until a few things have shifted a bit and the load is a little bit lighter.

I’ll still be reading and commenting on posts now and again. But ebbtide itself will be quiet for the time being.

Be wonderful and be well!


taking a break

I’ve decided to step away from blogging for a month or so. Not to worry – everything is fine. I just feel the need to shift a few priorities around and refocus on a few things that have maybe been neglected for too long.

Be well! I will return.


Mexico Sunrise

enjoying the silence

Well, my friends, I would not want you to think I have forgotten you. You are not forgotten at all.

To put it simply, I found myself in a place where I felt I could not write what I was experiencing. I think I just needed to feel for a few moments without attempting to put words to it. I’m not quite back from my impromptu silence, but the good news is I’m beginning to feel the cadence of my poetic self returning to me. Unfortunately, I foresee that more of these silent periods will be unavoidable over the coming months. No worries. It’s not indicative of anything you need to trouble yourselves about. Just a further evolution of self.

In the meantime, I’ve missed you and have plenty of reading to catch up on. I will post again,… just not quite yet.


Shh! I’m working…

So if I’m quiet over the next few weeks – quieter than normal, that is – it’s simply because I’m working diligently on some new pieces. I’ve short-listed a few publications to submit work to for the first time and I’m plugging away at coming up with something worthy. (Thank you to Existential Poet for a great publication resource.)

I’m also working on something I’m quite excited about and I’m determined for once in my life to see a large-scale project through to its end. I may at a future date post little snippets of this mysterious project, but I haven’t completely decided on that point.

I’ll continue to read and comment while I work, but new posts for the next couple weeks will just have to wait.